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Crude Oil and Refining Products Exploits


Over the years, we have become experts in crude oil trading and managing oil and gas price risks. Our trading activity involves buying and selling crude oil and refined products such as fuel oil, gasoline and diesel in order to


• Unlock , maximum value from the oil and gas we buy

• Supply companies under optimal conditions

The trading team also manages risks resulting from crude oil price fluctuations. We operate in in the world’s three main petroleum markets: crude oil, refined products and derivatives.


Working closely with trading, our shipping teams arrange the transportation of crude oil and petroleum products. They select and charter the safest tankers to transport cargoes under optimum safety conditions.


Strict Vessel Vetting


We have made continuous improvement of shipping safety a priority. We have developed and deployed a rigorous policy in this area. Our vetting process for oil and gas tankers is one of the strictest in the country